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Goran Šunjka

Chief Technology Officer

Marina Luketina Šunjka

Quantum Nutritionist

Maja Lončar

Chief Commercial Officer

CTO & co-owner

Along with his business intrenal and external associates leads a technology development department required for service and product development. 

He has been in charge of technology design and development since 2007. Goran posses vast knowledge and experience in both modern technology development and Quantum nutritive Science.

Lead Quantum Nutritionist & co-owner

The Story of a journey …

Marina Luketina Sunjka is a modern age, Quantum Nutritionist having degrees in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Organic food production and has been approved as the PhD candidate in Integrative Medical Science at international and national universities.

Being always an entrepreneur, in 2007 she co-founded  Nutrition Info Therapy – NIT association in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the mission of conducting Education courses on functional nutrition and culture of healthy habits, which lead to current company establishment of 4Life Biodesign in 2010.
Shortly after, in 2008, Marina became approved Lecturer by INMED Institute, Ukraine for Information Therapy – Train the Trainer course for Balkan area. In addition, she started organizing and lecturing at seminars attended by primary and high schools students; Topic – Health and Nutrition.

Marketing and Commercial Strategies

Maja is a versatile business development manager with over 15 years spent in both communications and business development sector in various industries and continents. She has been involved in successful developing our brand(s), products and services for more than 10 years. She primarily works with international  markets product and services development.